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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Golden Moon Tea Company Review

I placed an order online 2/28 in the afternoon

The website was easy to use and navigate.

I got the Tea Taster's Sampler and one extra Kashmiri Chai sample in case I do like it and want to share with my mother.

Each one only makes one cup of tea the site says, so I guess MilitaJim and my mom won't get to share these with me.

The package arrived today 3/3/10 via UPS, and it had to be signed for, which annoys me because if i were not home I wouldn't' have gotten it.

It arrived as a weaved basket, filled with sealed sample packs, tied with an elastic ribbon, in a box. No padding / stuffing which surprised and worried me. Everything seemed OK.

I can't fit the basket into the cabinet and will likely have to throw it out unless I can validate it's all natural wood and I can feed the basket to our rabbits.

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