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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kusmi Tea Company Store Review

Kusmi Tea, 1037 Third Avenue (61st Street), (212) 355-5580

Twitter @KusmiTeaUS


After having a nice iced drink at Argo I went to the new Kusmi store that opened the day before in NYC. This is where my streak of finding places ends. I went up and down Third Avenue between 60-63 streets at least three times. I was fooled by the construction fencing, and kept looking past that block of stores.

I was intent to go to this store ever since I saw on twitter that there was a store opening in NYC. My first taste of Kusmi teas were spicy chocolate and another one I can’t recall that I picked up at kitchen kapers. They were good but not OH WONDERFUL. So I want to try more of their teas.

Once I spotted the store I was hesitant to figure out how to get to it, I found the break in the fence, stepped around the sandbags and reached my destination!

The store itself was long and skinny, but colorfully decorated with a variety of sizes and shapes of Kusmi tins grouped in types. In the center of the store was a sniffing station and sampler assortments of mini tins and bags.

There was a gentleman, who runs the twitter account (and possibly facebook too) who greeted me, offered me a sampler cup of iced tea, and then showed me around the store. His favorite teas were greens, and he was on steepster (I forget the handle). He was accompanied by a very nice lady who it was her first day, and she was excited to try all the different teas. She was sampling the four red fruits because of the silly name.

I ended up with two tins, two samplers, and one pack of bags for work.

While I was there another customer came in and was also excited to have the store open there and both of the staff were as helpful and happy to see her. It made me decide they are really just a very enthusiastic and prod of their product staff.

The marketing manager poked her head out of the back where she was working when it was relayed I came because of the twitter account all the way from Philadelphia, apparently I win the “traveled the farthest” award for the week  She provided me with a nice Kusmi tote for my purchases.

While poking about they also were kind enough to make me a full cup of tea in a larger paper cup that matched the tiny sample cups. The sample cup was about a double shot glass size or a bit larger. The full cup was probably 12 ounces.

I wish I remember what the two teas were, but they were delicious and refreshing.

So I highly recommend if you can to come visit this store!

Don't be fooled by the construction:


Large Cup:

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