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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bigelow Teabag Black 'Vanilla Hazelnut'

Tea: Vanilla Hazelnut
Type: Black, Teabag
Company: Bigelow
Amount: 1 bag
(try 2 with 2 packets of white sugar)
(try 3 with 2 packets of white sugar and a non dairy creamer)
Time: a little over 2 minutes

Preparation: At work i have a hot water spigot, a ceramic coffee mug. I pour the hot water over the teabag, seep, then trash the bag.

Served: Hot
Smell: hazelnut and slight vanilla
Flavor: bitter, light body (sugar brought out the vanilla flavor and made it not bitter and smoother, creamer was even better)
Aftertaste: bitter (even with sugar, creamer fixed this)

Purchase: - looks discontinued?

Rating: 2/3
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