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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Republic of Tea Herb Blend (with caffeine) Loose Leaf 'Yerba Mate Latte'

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Tea: Yerba Mate Latte
Type: Herb Blend (with caffeine)
Packaging: Loose Leaf
Company: The Republic of Tea
Amount: 3 teaspoons
Additives: 2 teaspoons german rock sugar
Water: 1 teapot, boiling filtered water about 180
Steep Time: a little over 6 minutes
Served: Hot
Purchase: Here
Description: All Night Samba Herb Tea - Coffee gulpers rejoice as they sip this deep, chocolate brew. Cocoa & Brazilian mate', a roasted leaf rich in vitamin C with small amount natural caffeine. Rooibosh, cactus flowers & almonds add depth. Add steamed milk for a creamy herbal latte.
Ingredients: A blend of roasted Yerba mate, cocoa, rooibos, almond pieces, cactus flowers, sunflowers and blue bottle flowers

Notes: adding creme overpowered the flavors, MilitiaJim did not find it beneficial. It was improved by the sugar in my opinion enough to bump it form a 1 to a 2.

Smell: sweet, coco
Flavor: smooth, chocolaty almond
Body: medium
Aftertaste: sweet coco
Liquor: dark brown

Rating: 2/3
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