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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Republic of Tea Loose Leaf Red 'Republic Red Chai'

Tea: Republic Red Chai
Type: Red, Loose Leaf
Company: The Republic of Tea
Amount: 4.5 scoops tea
Time: a little over 8:30 minutes (oopse!)

"A blend of rooibos, orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, cardamon seed, anise seed, black pepper and cloves"

"Tasting Notes: Blended with stimylating spices, this red chai excites the senses and warms the body, yet is caffeine-free."

Served: Hot
AmazonV Smell: cinnamon, clove, ginger
MilitiaJim Smell: spiced cider without the apple
AmazonV Flavor: spicy, peppery, medium body
MilitiaJim Flavor: cloves with a hint of ginger
Aftertaste: cinnamon, cardamon

I tried adding honey and lactose-free milk, that calms the spicy after burn

Purchase: Here

Rating: 1/3
Militiajim's Rating: 1/3

Amount: 3 scoops tea, 2 scoops german rock sugar
Time: 5 minutes
Less 'burn'
added lactose free milk, again smoothed it out
still not a tea i will buy again

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