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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Teavana Loose Leaf Herbal 'Plum Harvest'

Tea: Plum Harvest
Type: Herbal, Loose Leaf
Company: Teavana
Amount: 3 scoops tea
Time: a little over 5 minutes

I got my new Touchless IR Thermometer, it said the boiling water was a bit under 200 degrees

Served: Hot
Smell: Sweet plums, and a hint of spice with a beautiful red color
Flavor: plum with some spice, light body, but none of the sweetness you smell
Aftertaste: none

I added some wild huckleberry honey from NY half way through, it didn't change the flavor much, nor does adding german rock sugar, it's a very strong flavor

Purchase: Discontinued

Rating: 2/3
Militiajim's Rating: 1.5/3
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