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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I couldn't resist showing off some of the tea stuff in my kitchen thanks to the "show us your tea cupboard" post

ptouch labeler, perfect tea spoon, brita water pitcher, breville electric kettle, zarafina tea maker, cast iron teapot, timer

Teacups that match our dinnerware

teacups from my mother in law, with porcelain teapot and the boxes to our Russian tea cups, bone china sugar bowl that goes to set

more teacups from my mother in law, the rest of the bone china teapot set (creamer, teapot)

Not pictured (but seen in the blog before)
-scales (2)
-thermometer (1 IR one)
-strainers (paper filters, 2 mesh baskets, 1 wire ball on stick, tea wand, french press)
-Mr. iced tea maker
-tea mugs (MANY)

teadrop tea maker (that i am trying to give away on steepster)

dragon teapot 1:

dragon teapot 2:
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