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Saturday, April 24, 2010

TeaForte Tea Timer iPod Touch Application

Menu Choices:

-First you select from tea type (black, green, white, oolong, herbal)
-After the first menu selection, on the specific tea type page, it lists each tea by name, alphabetically
-Clicking on a tea gets you the same information available about the tea that is available on the website

details tab - same as website (description, average customer rating, steeping guidelines, ingredients, a link to favorite the tea, buy the tea or timer the tea)
origin tab - same as website (map with pointers to the counties of origin for the ingredients, and Did you know facts)
health benefits tab - same as website
reviews tab - same as website

Drink recipes using their teas - same as the recipes tab available in the "cocktails" area of the website

Tea Timer
-Pick your tea type - read the steeping suggestions - then click "set steep time"
-A suggested time is displayed, you can up or down the minutes or (10) seconds, then click "start steeping"
-The timer can be paused or reset, the alarm sound can be turned on or off, it plays music while it counts.
If you click back you lose your timer, I think this is a limit of the iPod Touch.
Locking turns off the timing music but lets it beep at the end.

Lists recipes and teas you have marked as favorites

-Contact Us a text page containing phone number, website url, email address and mailing address
-Our Website a link
-Facebook a link
-Twitter a link
-You Tube a link


I am making flora herbal tea

I open the application and click;
Teas – Herbal – Flora – Timer – Set Steep Time

I could have short cut the process and when I opened the application clicked;
Timer – Herbal – Set Steep Time

However I get there I am told;
For infusers: 1 infuser, 5-7 min 208
for loose tea: 1 tsp per cup, 5-7 min 208
Click “Set Steep Time”

Then I am presented with “7:20” which I can then adjust, and I do adjust it to “5:00” and click “Start Steeping”

(all timers really are for any tea you like, company specific ones just are nice to tell you what kind of tea the tea you have is)
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