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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker BTM800XL

Breville Website

A few quick notes, yesterday I went to Williams and Sonoma in Columbus Circle shopping center after finding out from Breville Jason they had some of the one-touch tea makers in stock. These are not yet available on the Breville or Williams and Sonoma websites.

I went immediately after the Steepster meetup at Radiance Tea House & Books.

We’ll ignore how I got lost three times on the way there, even using google maps on my blackberry.

I purchased my new teakettle and took it to my mother in laws, then left again to continue my NYC adventures; we ended up going back and buying a second one for my mom later that day.

This morning I got to use the kettle for the first time at my mother in laws house, it’s well lit which leads to bad pictures, sorry. I rinsed the kettle and made three cups of tea. First confusing point is the side of the kettle measures in milliliters not ounces. I had to use the conversion chart. My next issue is that the power cord is too short; really I’m going to need an extension cord.

I was easily able to make the tea without needing to read the directions, the buttons and display are intuitive and there is a nice loud beep when your tea is ready. I have not yet played with the timer feature or custom overrides but will let you know how well they work later. I will also do a comparative review between Zarafina and the Breville once I have gotten used to the Breville.

So far I highly recommend this as an easy to use tea maker.

Below are pictures of the unpacking.

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