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Monday, May 31, 2010

thepuriTea Company Review

At 8:19 AM Apr 13th thepuriTea asked for bloggers on Twitter @thepuriTea to DM them if they wanted to try some teas and review them. I of course excitedly responded that I would love to. I was told to pick out some teas I would like to try. After reviewing their website I choose the Milk Oolong and Mango Tea.

The website was nicely arranged by tea type, and it was very easy to find out about all of their teas. Prices and sizes of each tea were obvious on each page. The items in your cart are visible as you browse the website - which is great for keeping track of what you've already selected. The samples are very reasonably priced, and seem to be available for most if not all teas. The checkout process was very easy to follow, I had no questions about the process as each step was very well worded. Immediately after placing my order I had a very detailed order confirmation in my inbox.

The email and twitter communications were fast, friendly, and helpful. I was promptly provided a tracking number for my packages! I believe this is an excellent indicator of customer service and could not wait to get my samples.

Five samples arrived April 20 well packaged with packing peanuts in pretty pillow boxes along with some business cards. I received: Milk Oolong, Mango Black, Dragonwell, Golden Yunnan, and Royal Lily Bloom.

Since I am drowning in tea currently I am working on getting the reviews for them all together and then will post them when they are ready.

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