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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Georgia Tea Company Review

Dan from Georgia Tea Company was kind enough to run a tea trivia contest on Steepster. He let me choose my 20 tea samples. I also won an adagio glass tea kettle to go with the samples.

They arrived in a priority mail box, well packaged with those air cushions.

I find the labels on the tea samples to be perfect, they include the company name, tea name, tea type, and steeping directions. I have been informed that the samples that you buy on the web site, or any teas purchased on the site, will come in food safe, plastic lined, kraft bags which keep light out and keep the tea fresh for about 4-5 months. Tea is best stored in tins which are not clear and air tight, since light activates the steeping process and moisture as well. The sample bags I received were about 2-3 cups each, where purchased samples are larger.

The package was mailed on June 11 and arrived June 14.

The website contains descriptions of the teas, pictures, and customer ratings. I think it might do well to also include the steeping parameters in case you repackage your teas.

You can intuit the ingredients from the description, however I did mention it would be nice to list the ingredients as there are some strange allergies (natural but not artificial flavors; grapefruit, milk, mint, cinnamon) that I know people with and it is better to list "assorted black teas and natural cinnamon flavor" or "assorted green teas, natural pineapple flavor, pineapple chunks" than have someone get ill.

Overall I am finding the Georgia Tea Company to have great customer service, good packaging, and good quality teas.

They also have an excellent affiliate program, honestly the best i have had to deal with yet.

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