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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Objective Tea Company Review

I purchased a sample pack from Objective-Tea The samples were no charge but there was a shipping fee of $6.25 that I paid through paypal.

I found out about the offer through Steepster Discussion Post

I got;
1x Silver Needle - 5 g | .25 oz
1x Oriental Beauty - 5 g | .25 oz
1x Jasmine Pearl - 5 g | .25 oz
1x Green Pekoe - 5 g | .25 oz
1x Four Seasons - Sample / 15 g | 0.50 oz

I placed the order on June 13. On June 14 I got a shipping notice via email.

I believe the order arrived June 16 or earlier (the date on the picture).

The website contains a nice amount of information about the teas, their origins and steeping information. In the FAQ there is even a nice visual display of how much is included for the different sizes of purchase.

The samples came in plastic lined kraft paper bags, which worked well to protect them.

I enjoyed the hand written thank you note included in the order.

What I found lacking was that the company, although a one person shop, come off a more of a tea-swap than a company. I feel they should invest, even with samples, in printing up

labels (although the hand done artwork is cute, it isn't professional). There are many other one man or one woman shops out there who print up labels (and even use kraft paper plastic lined bags). I can't speak to the packaging on the full sized packages though.

I hate ripping into little startups, but this one needs to look into their presentation a little bit more.

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