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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Northwest Tea Festival 2010 Tagashira Tea Company Vendor booth

(Blog about festival here)

I believe this is the correct company name, The vendor was in that booth spot.

Taken from
Tagashira Tea Company, a family owned business, was established in 1930 and Yui, is in the third generation. She took over the business from his father with a big passion on the Japanese tea. It took her many years to perfect all the intricacies of tea. Now, not only does she respects the tradition of Japanese tea but also pursue and celebrates new flavors. She is also working on developing the real taste of Japanese tea in a tea-bag for someone who is busy but a real gourmet. She would love to hear from you and you will hear from her - how she selects tea leafs from farmers who commit nothing but quality. And how she processes her teas to bring out best flavor out. So, please join us and enjoy the tea which she brought from Japan especially for this occasion.

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