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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tea Forte Teabag Black Tea 'Winter Spice'

Tea Information:
Tea: Winter Spice
Type: Black Tea
Packaging: Teabag (silken infuser pyramid)
Company: Tea Forte
Purchase: Here
Description: An enticing black tea, with rich cinnamon notes and zesty holiday spices.

Steep Information:
Amount: 1 silken infuser pyramid
Water: 12? ounces hot spigot water (140°F ?)
Steep Time: a little over 3 minutes (walking to my desk +
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Dry Leaf Smell: cinnamon, clove
Steeped Tea Smell: cinnamon, clove, mulling spice
Flavor: mild black tea with cinnamon
Body: Light
Aftertaste: cinnamon, spice
Liquor: translucent light orange-brown

Much milder than I expected. This would not be a morning cup of wake-me-up tea.

Mellow, spicy, and makes me think of mulled apple cider. I am enjoying the cup, but not sure I would seek this itself.

Post-Steep Additives: honey stick, sweeter, and spicier

It came as part of the Tea Forte "Holiday Spice" set of 20 silken infusers black and herbal teas. I purchased it specifically for the Winter Chai. The set listed on the website includes 20 pyramid infusers with Five infusers each of: Winter Chai, Sweet Orange Spice, Ginger and Vienna Cinnamon. Apparently this box does not have Sweet Orange Spice and instead has Winter Spice.

Rating: 2/4 leaves

Leaf system:
1=Bleh! not again if it were free
2=Acceptable, if it were free or there were limited other tea options
3=I might purchase this tea from time to time, or select it while out
4=A staple in our cupboard from now on, I will purchase and keep purchasing

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