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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Arbor Teas Loose Leaf Green Tea 'Organic Genmaicha Extra Green Tea'

Tea Information:
Tea: Organic Genmaicha Extra Green Tea
Type: Green Tea
Packaging: Loose Leaf
Purchase: Here
Description: This organic Genmaicha Extra Green is an innovative blend of Genmaicha (pronounced GEN-my-cha) and Matcha (pronounced MA-cha). Called the best Japanese tea invention of the 20th century, this exceptional combination of Genmaicha's toasted aroma and Matcha's rich green character brings forth a pleasing and harmonious flavor that is bolder, sweeter and slightly more bitter than our traditional Genmaicha. Unlike many "Japanese" green teas available in the United States, this organic Genmaicha Extra Green is actually grown in Japan.
Ingredients: organic Japanese green tea and organic brown rice

Steep Information:
Amount: 2 tsp
Water: 12 oz boiled and then cooled for a minute
Tool: kati loose tea system (my Review here.)
Steep Time: a little over 1 minute (
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Dry Leaf Smell: nori, rice
Steeped Tea Smell: nori
Flavor: sushi, well nori and rice
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: a little bitter
Liquor: translucent honey yellow-green

I am not a big green tea drinker in general, but I found that I do love genmaichas. It may be because they remind me of the rice and nori in sushi. It is a nice soothing cup, not as good as the Teaflection Loose Leaf Green Tea 'Japanese Genmaicha Tea' but a close contender. This tea has more of the green tea flavor than rice flavor is why I favor the other one personally, if you wish for a higher green tea to rice mixture you'll prefer this one.

Rating: 3/4 leaves

Leaf system:
1=Bleh! not again if it were free
2=Acceptable, if it were free or there were limited other tea options
3=I might purchase this tea from time to time, or select it while out
4=A staple in our cupboard from now on, I will purchase and keep purchasing

I received this product for free in return for writing a review. All my reviews are as unbiased as possible, whether I buy or receive free product. I accept no other compensation other than free product.
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