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Monday, August 31, 2015

Lipton Tea Teabag Herbal Tisane 'Cinnamon Apple'

Tea Information:
Tea: Cinnamon Apple
Type: Herbal Tisane (Tea is technically only from the camellia sinensis plant)
Packaging: Teabag
Company: Lipton Tea
Purchase: Local grocery store
Ingredients: Cinnamon, hibiscus flowers, chamomile flowers, roasted chicory root, allspice, orange peel, roasted carob, natural cinnamon and apple flavors with other natural flavors (soy)

Steep Information:
Amount: 2 bags
Water: ~500ml at 212°F
Steep Time: a little over # minutes
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Dry Leaf Smell: cinnamon, paper
Steeped Tea Smell: apple, cinnamon, fall
Flavor: sweet apple, cinnamon
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: cinnamon
Liquor: translucent dark orange brown

yummm, fall

Rating: 3/4 leaves

Leaf system:
1=Bleh! not again if it were free
2=Acceptable, if it were free or there were limited other tea options
3=I might purchase this tea from time to time, or select it while out
4=A staple in our cupboard from now on, I will purchase and keep purchasing

I purchased this product. All my reviews are as unbiased as possible, whether I buy or receive free product. I accept no other compensation other than free product.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Annual Lady Devotea Day

A few days late, time got away from me, but let us celebrate Lady Devotea, also known as Anne.

Thanks to my adventures in tea, and the tea blogging community I have gotten the opportunity to work with and meet in person many amazing people, among them the not not often seen Lady Devotea (Anne) and her husband the infamous Robert Godden.

Not only is she his partner, but his editor too (you have read his book The Infusiast haven't you?)

Anne is a kind and cheerful woman with a knack for understanding both people and trends.

She can and will do anything she set her mind to.

Last year she opened a tea cafe in the United Kingdom, sadly she had to close it to move back to Australia - but she did it in a amazingly short amount of time.

In the past she also successfully ran a service assisting many Onkaparinga council residents to manage anxiety/panic disorder and depression in order to enter or re-enter the workforce. You can read more about the attempts to pick that project up again here:

So raise a cup to this amazing woman, Happy Birthday Anne!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tea of the United States first annual awards


"Tea of the United States - also known as "TOTUS" is the first national tea competition specifically for USA grown tea.  The TOTUS Awards is open to all tea farms, researchers and beginning growers whose tea crop origin is cultivated in US soil.

The TOTUS Awards will be held November 2015, headquartered in Hawaii, hosted by the Hawaii Tea Society in partnership with the Volcano Art Center, The Kohala Center,  Big Island Resource Conservation and Development Council  and Hawaii Farmers Union United."

Any grower can participate and they would love bloggers to write about it!
They are hoping to encourage origin pride of US based tea growers.


Sip Alert

Check out this prototype of the @sip_alert #sipsafe a device that alerts you when the water gets cool enough to drink without scalding (or reminds you you have tea getting cold)

Sign up for the mailing list to find out more as updates come before the kickstarter begins!

Myths & Legends of Tea

Gary, of TeaWithGary has published a book!
Myths & Legends of Tea

This first volume in the series features six stories, each accompanied by a profile of the tea featured in the story, and a prologue that sets the stage.
  • Prologue: The Origin of Tea
  • The Japanese Tea Ceremony: Tea, Serenity & Death
  • The Iron Goddess of Mercy
  • Earl Grey: This Water Sucks!
  • Teatime in Georgia: The Birth of Southern Sweet Tea
  • Oriental Beauty: The Braggart’s Tea
  • Post-apocalyptic Earl Grey
You should go check it out

you can read a summary of his book here:

World Tea Expo Tea Blogger Roundtable

Time for the tea blogger round table (third annual)

Today's moderator is @TeaWithGary

Panelists are

Panelist @joysteaspoon also is on the board of the US league of tea growers

Next panelist is @chrisagiddings of @Teaity - with a new tea device being announced soon!

Enjoy stories and tales? check out panelist @lazy_literatus

Jen talks about tea in her life and those moments @teamoment

blogger @RachelKCarter  writes about things that interest and inspire her and owns @iHeartTeas

panelist @teaformeplease is a tea reviewer who does podcasts, videos and more - amazing information

final panelist @scandaloustea  writes about anything tea

Blogging is not a zero sum game, one blog doesn't "steal" readers from another blog.

Q: how do people find your blog?

A: @joysteaspoon  other blogs, social media, reshares  @chrisagiddings  echos that with an addition of searches online
A: @scandaloustea echos majority from other bloggers though  @lazy_literatus echo plus companies he has reviewed resharing
A: @teamoment a lot of incoming traffic from other bloggers that have her blog listed on theirs on the sidebar
A: @RachelKCarter  b/c of our varied interests there is a lot of cross promotion - that expands out to each others friends
A: @teaformeplease majority of her traffic is searches finding reviews of a tea she has featured

Q:  what do you find are the most read posts on your blog and why?

A: @teaformeplease  informational posts - how to season yixing - how to make matcha
A: @RachelKCarter  recipes that i post (she is  a mad scientist)
A: @teamoment  runaway hits have been a focus on a tea or tea venue and i have the opportunity to get into the owner/why focus on a person behind the tea is always a runaway hit - human interest
A: @lazy_literatus love and death (Shakespearean). occasionally between those are unique things no one else has - like japanese white teas
A: @scandaloustea the things she is most passionate about seem to inspire readers to read example: Fine words butter no parsnips  also tea shops (reviews) around the country
A: @chrisagiddings device reviews like accessories or water heaters
A: @joysteaspoon writes for multiple blogs - telling stories about the tea growers, or tea grown in the US seem popular
A: @TeaWithGary Unique. Passion. People.
A: @TeaWithGary passion, often in a rant works well

Q: Do you post on a schedule?
A: @joysteaspoon no i have kids @chrisagiddings when i did the traffic was not sticky - now no longer and stickier
A: @scandaloustea  no she doesn't - she has tried but it stressed her out and caused the rate to actually drop
A: @lazy_literatus he did a schedule for a bit  but good posts were getting lost in fluff, better to do one post better
A: @teamoment  varies from prolific to trickle but she also blogs for a company twice a week which increases their traffic
A: @RachelKCarter  is a #blogginghippy
A: @teaformeplease once a day monday through friday
A: @RachelKCarter nope  she blames her same children and her husband. ;) her passion drives her posts
A: @TeaWithGary tried a specific day / time cycle (every friday at a specific time)  as a result of the Q asked last yr
A: @TeaWithGary said it totally increased readership  it makes a difference

Q: Do you do anything to specifically target a young crowd? what social media do you prefer?
A: @teaformeplease instagram sends a lot of traffic. she connects differently than on twitter  no target audience
A: @RachelKCarter geek - and never grew up so she doesn't target but gets along with. Likes instagram most then twitter
A: @teamoment  twitter has been her biggest interaction - she mostly writes about family stuff so not young targeted
A: @teamoment instagram is the current fastest growing social media  teaching her to be a better photographer
 A: @lazy_literatus knows nothing about the younger ones but is unfiltered and that seems to attract them. instagram +
 A: @scandaloustea has no idea what the young whipper snappers are ;)
 A: @scandaloustea twitter is really big for her - the numbers are increasing to her surprise. she stopped instagraming
 A: @scandaloustea is first to mention g+ - it's a lower number of people which is quiet but people see it if not interact
 A: @chrisagiddings twitter is his strongest SM platform - but his @Teaity which is more focused gets better interactions
 A: @chrisagiddings on tea-guy facebook fan page he gets better reactions than twitter. he is also an instagram convert
 A: @joysteaspoon twitter was her busiest until 6 months ago where instagram when she linked to her blog and traffic spike
 A: @joysteaspoon  #smart is super effective / @teamoment we forgot to mention pintrest!
 A: @TeaWithGary seems to be a direct correlation with twitter on followers - readers - connections
 Tag your posts with the company and they will re-tweet it and help increase your followership
 pictures increase interaction, pictures and links even more (but limit space to say anything)

 Q: what programs do you use to blog on? A: Blogger, wordpress, TeaTrade, Self written platform, Hootsuite for scheduling
 me: If this then that is also a handy tool.
audience: edgar can refresh/resurface old posts
 - every now and then go look at statistics - re surface old favorites of readers (from @TeaWithGary )
#CaveatEmptor@amazonv Although @MeetEdgar costs money.... from @DrewKaplan

 Q: if you go look at an old post - do you leave it alone or edit it?
 A: @joysteaspoon edit it @chrisagiddings not edit (part of journey) but would edit/update inaccuracies and strike out
 @scandaloustea will edit when something is needed (an update) but won't change her writing
 @lazy_literatus will only edit if something was inaccurate. maybe some grammer posts, but also avoids to preserve journey
 @teamoment and @RachelKCarter do not want to change anything - it's a diary, a journey
 @teaformeplease often goes and tweeks grammar or clarity
 @TeaWithGary edits for spelling, grammer, add footnote updates for accuracy, will edit to cross link same topic posts

 Q: How do you blog for your new shop?
 A: @TeaWithGary hire someone or pick a platform and play with a private blog and test kick the wheels, then take it live

 A: @lazy_literatus there can be a blog of just neat pictures @teamoment do what you enjoy - video, writing, pictures
 @teamoment some behind the scenes - blending pictures - bulk deliveries of tea, anything you
 A: @TeaWithGary youtube is filled with short, amateur videos - unboxing videos
 @TeaWithGary tumblr is very short quick posts
 gary is plugging #TeakuTuesday
 Gary also plugging vine 6 second videos
 @teaformeplease let your employees help and share their passion
 @teaformeplease example: 7 cups of tea employee blogging his experiences

 Q: Ghost Writing - expectations? A: @teamoment a few hours per week blogging, and some SM interaction. all gets reviewed
 @teamoment interviewing and picking a voice you like is important

 @TeaWithGary check out the tea blogger directory, and the association of tea bloggers and find voices you like


After the roundtable the panelists got together to celebrate with Scottish white smoked tea (beechwood) from the Field of the king

2015 Tea Blogger Directory

In this updated directory, discover 45 tea-focused bloggers who have as unique backgrounds and stories as you do. Each blogger has an extensive and focused reach to help you grow your potential audience. With bloggers being in the Top 3 Influencers for online shoppers, this is a resource you can’t afford to ignore.

Tea Seed planting workshop

Jason McDonald of ran a how to grow tea workshop at the tealet house after World Tea Expo

We each went home with a cup of soil and 5 seeds.

I left mine with my sister in California to see how they do.

  • 4.5 -5.5 ph target, unlike most plants (7) so you need aluminum sulfate or elemental sulfur when planting tea plants
  • Moisture control soil to avoid overwet rotted tea seeds
  • Organic seed starting mix will help fertilize the seeds with less risk of washing away from tea seeds
  • Perlite large % when seedings
  • Earthworm castings (poop)
  • Ph meter - Green probes at garden center are worthless
  • Tea doesn't like a lot of salt
  • Pink Osmocote release fertilizer every 6mo

World Tea Expo Day 3

Started the day at The Finest Brew with a celebratory steeping of #PocketOolong for TeaForMePlease (Nicole Martin) as she won the Best Social Media in the awards!

Then it was random running about, I managed to miss some booths :( But I did see more, and we closed out the day (and the show) back at The Finest Brew.

World Tea Expo 2015 Vendors

The Vendors!

101 Tea Plantation: 623 
6 Mountains Tea: 1123 
Adagio Teas: 839 
Aiya America: 809 
Algonquin Tea Company: 1431 
Alpha Dominche Ltd.: 709 
American Express Open: 1136 
American Herbal Products Association: 629 
AOI Tea Company: 923 
Authentea, Inc.: 929 
Baily Tea USA:  943
BAM Packing, Inc.: 1422 
BDS Natural Products: 610 
Bitaco Unique Colombian Tea: 1031 
BKON: 737 
Blue Sky: 1141 
Bonavita: 1040 
Brewista: 749 
Bunn-O-Matic Corporation: 729 
Cameron Tea Taiwan: 821 
Carmi Flavor & Fragrance: 1143 
Chariteas, LLC: 1428 
Clever & Handy Brew: 718 
Coastline Imports: 918 
CrafTea: 1409 
CT-Serenetea Exports (Pvt.) Ltd.: 1034 
Curtis: 914 
Den's Tea: 722 
Dethlefsen & Balk, Inc.: 823 
DMH Ingredients, Inc. / Rooibos Ltd.: 714 
Dobashien Co., Ltd.: 1013 
Dragon Herbs: 924 
Dried Ingredients: 844 
East Indies Tea Company: 808 
Eastsign Foods (Quzhou) Co Ltd.: 848 
El Club del Te: 937 
Elmwood Inn Fine Teas/ Benjamin Press: 701 
En Xi International Corporation: 1027 
Favor Ceylon Tea: 1415 
FETCO: 614 
Florapharm Tea USA: 915 
Flavor Dynamics: 704 
Freecer Industrial Company, LTD.: 1411 
Fresh Cup Magazine: 632 
Fresh Origins: 639 
Fuji Merchandise Corporation: 805 
FUSO International: 1007 
Garden to Cup Organics: 1213 
Glenburn Tea Direct: 611 
Haelssen & Lyon: 909 
Harney & Sons Fine Teas: 822 
Heights Honeybush: 1119 
Hyson 2U Lt.: 1035 
IDO Co., Ltd.: 1126 
Indian Splendor: 932 
Indonesia's Remarkable Tea: 1112 
International Tea Cupper Club: 715 
International Tea Importers: 1101 
ITO EN: 733 
Jhentea: 1421 
Kanes Co., Ltd.: 933 
Korea Ginseng Corporartion: 1113 
KupLid by Kontainer Koncepts: 1423 
Laos Tea: 1430 
Libre Tea: 1419 
Life Basics Organics: 1042 
Long Run Tea Group, Inc.: 1212 
Lumbini Tea Garden Sri Lanka: 817 
Mamaki of Hawaii: 928 
Maypro Industries: 1214 
Metropolitan Tea Company: 900 
MK Jokai Agri Plantations: 938 
Munson Machinery Co., Inc.: 615 
Nature Ceylon Trading (PVT) Ltd.: 1036 
Nuwati Herbals: 1127 OHKI Co., Ltd.: 728 
Omniware: 631 Pacific Bag, Inc.: 743 
Peace Leaves INC: 730
Primera Technology: 732 
QTrade Teas & Herbs: 1026 
Rainbow Bridge: 622 
Sara's Tea Caddie: 837 
Sav-on Bags: 605 
Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America: 731 
Shining Seas Imports/Grenera Moringa USA: 949 
SquareUp: 630 
Sri Lanka Tea Board: 1037 
STiR Magazine: 1412 
Sugimoto America: 815 
Sunny Maid Corp: 1131 
Taiwan Tea Manufacturers' Association: 643 
Takeya USA: 624 
Tastefully Small Books & Things: 1429 
Tea & Coffee Trade Journal: 951 
Tea Association of Canada: 947 
Tea Bureau: 708 
Tea Canisters by KOTODO: 922 
Tea Time Magazine: 703
Tea’amo, 1414
Teablets, 1426
Teas Etc., 901
TeaSource, 724
Teastar Ceylon Tea, 1434
Teforia, 628
Teloijan Tea Company, 736
The Finest Brew CO., 916
The Tea House Times, 710
The TeaSpot, 814
Tierra Madre, 1420
Timolino LTD, 819
trYeh, 734
t-sac/Aqua Select USA Ltd., 904
Tsara Teas, 921
Vahdam Teas India, 833
Virginia Dare, 721
Walters Bay, 800
Whole Herb Company, 831
Wize Monkey, 1427
Wooshin FA & T, 1134
World Flavorz Spice & Tea Co., 832
World Green Tea Association, 1028
World Tea Academy, 1121
World Tea Tours, 717
Yamama Masudaen, Co. Ltd., 820
Yixing Chinese Tea Culture Co, Ltd., 1044
Zen Tea Traders, 1413
Zest Tes, 1418
Zhejiang Tea Group, 1012
Zojirushi America Corporation, 801
Anhui Shengchen Food Co., Ltd., 1355
Anhui Tea Imp & Exp Co., Ltd., 1154
Changsha Nutrahealth Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., 1059
Chaozhou Chaoan Feng Huang Propitious Clouds Tea., Ltd., 1454
Emerail Co., Ltd., 1455
Enshi Searyuan Tea Industry Co., Ltd., 1155
Enshi Wujiatai Se-Enriched Tribute Tea Co., Ltd., 1155
Fujian Firmenich Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd., 1255
Fujian Province Guangfu Tea Co., Ltd., 1259
Fuzhou Alpha Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd., 1360
Fuzhou Yongjiasheng Trade Co., Ltd., 1257
GF Jianyuan Organic Tea Co., Ltd., 1362
Guangxi Wuzhou Maosheng Tea Industrial Co., Ltd., 1356
Guizhou Danzhai County Tianxiang Garden Tea Factory, 1463
Guizhou Evershine Trade Co., Ltd., 1462
Guizhou Lucky Show Co., Ltd., 1458
Guizhou Topsun Tea Trade Co., Ltd., 1459
Guizhou Washeng Qifeng Import & Export Co., Ltd., 1460
Guizhou Yuanzhisu Tourism & Industry Development Co., Ltd., 1461
Hubei Chibi Zhaoliqiao Tea Co., Ltd., 1155
Hubei Dongzhuang Tea Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 1155
Hubei Hefeng Xinnong Tea Industry Co., Ltd., 1155
Hubei Longwangya Tea Co., Ltd., 1155
Hubei Provincial Zhaoliqiao Tea Factory Co., Ltd., 1155
Hubei Shenghao Modern Agricultural Technology & Development Co., 1155
Hubei Yizhongchun Tea Industry Technology Co., Ltd., 1155
Hubei Zhongton International Business and Trade Co., Ltd., 1155
Hunan Tea Group Company Ltd., 1055
Hunan Tea Group Company Ltd., 1057
Hunan Xiangfeng Tea Industry Co., Ltd., 1061
Huzhou Fanglu Commercial Tea Co., Ltd., 1456
Huzhou Jiasheng Tea Co., Ltd., 1357
Jinhua Dyne Import & Export Co., Ltd., 1358
Lichuan Jinli Tea Industry Co., Ltd., 1155
Pu’er Zuxiang Highmountain Tea Garden Co., Ltd., 1354
Qiquan Tea Industry (Xiafeng) Co., Ltd., 1155
Shaoxing Royal Tea Village Co., Ltd., 1160
Shiyan Longjian Wudang Toaist Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd., 1155
Spring Tea Ltd., 1263
Tongshan Hutoushan Tea Factory, 1155
Wuhan Long-One Tea Co., Ltd., 1155
Wuhan Yuanzheng Zhengshan Culture Co., Ltd., 1155
Xianning Mushan Tea Industry Co., Ltd., 1155
Xiyuanshan Tea Industry (Hubei) Co., Ltd., 1155
Xuanen Yihong Tea Co., Ltd., 1155
Yangloudong Tea Industry Co., Ltd., 1155
Yunnan Boashan Changninghong Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd., 1158
Zhang Jia Jie Moyeam Co., Ltd., 1063
Zhejiang Chun’an New Continent Tea Co., Ltd., 1162
Zheng’an County Tuxiang Tea Industry Co., Ltd., 1457