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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Brewing Method

My process for brewing tea:

  • Use filtered water and boil it in the electric kettle

  • While the water is warming pour hot tap water into teapot and teacup

  • Watch the water, when it starts to form bubbles empty teapot and add sugar into the bottom (I add 3 perfect tea spoon scoops of German rock sugar) then place in the metal brewing basket and add the appropriate amount of tea

  • As soon as water approaches a boil, or is boiling (depending on the tea) pour over the basket of tea leaves and turn on the timer

  • When the timer nears the end, empty the teacup of tap water

  • After the proper amount of brewing time pour tea from teapot into cup(s) and remove metal brewing basket if there is any tea remaining to prevent over brewing

Most people suggest to pre-milk and sugar the mug not the teapot, I however tend to find the sugar mixes in better my way

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