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Friday, February 12, 2010

Teavana Store Company Review

>>Prior Review

Well we finally placed an online order instead of going to the store, thank the snow.

We were considering going to the store this weekend, but placed an online order Wednesday night, it arrived Friday morning.

MilitiaJim had some issues with the website forcing him to repeatedly login, but other than that we were able to easily see the items we were buying, how much they were, what quantities we had chosen and what the shipping would be. We paid by credit card.

Packaging: bubble wrap and wadded paper, teas were packed in sealed opaque 2 ounce and 1 pound baggies that were resealable. Each baggie had the steeping instructions on the back. They also included a nice guide to all their teas, what makes the different teas different and other information - this is a very nice pamphlet.

Order Contents:
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls
Rooibos Tropica
My Morning Mate - since we ordered 4 ounces it came in 2 - 2 ounce bags, which i guess is nice for keeping it fresh? not expected though.
Azteca Fire
3 pounds German rock sugar and glass jar-i was expecting the sugar in the jar like seen in the stores, instead their was a bubble wrapped jar, and 3 1-pound bags of sugar. It makes sense, but was another surprise.

Overall I'd say it was a nice packaging job, well presented and well protected. The online shopping could have been smoother but we're happy with this purchase and can't wait to drink it.

Teavana - Free Shipping on orders over $50

Order total:~63$
Shipping: free because it was over 50$

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