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Monday, March 1, 2010

52teas Loose Leaf Red Tea 'Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish Honeybush'

Tea Information:
Tea: Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish Honeybush
Type: Red Tea
Packaging: Loose Leaf
Company: 52teas
Purchase: Here
Description: We’ve been working on this one for a couple of months now and I think we’ve finally gotten it perfect.

Our caffeine-free African honeybush blended with real freeze dried raspberries and all natural flavors. This blend is the complete danish in a cup: raspberries, cream cheese, even a hint of icing thrown in there. If you don’t believe me, you’ll just have to try it for yourself, but don’t take too long deciding, this one is going to go fast!

Ingredients: African honeybush, freeze-dried raspberries, natural flavors

Steep Information:
Amount: 3 teaspoons
Additives: none
Water: 2 zarafina cups (approx 3 6 ounce teacups)
Steep Time: no idea, until the zarafina was done - setting - herbal, loose leaf, strong
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Dry Leaf Smell:
AmazonV: honey, raspberry
MilitiaJim: fake sugar, fruit, vague bread sense, he is angry and upset by the fake sugar smell
Steeped Tea Smell: raspberry (MilitiaJim got fake sugar still)
AmazonV: woody, raspberry
MilitiaJim: floral
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: slightly raspberry
Liquor: deep reddish-brown

Got my 52Teas order Today! This was during one of the so-popular-they-had-to-reblend periods. They even were so kind as to hold of shipping for one week while I drank room into my cupboard (now that's customer service!)

I expected a sweet fruity tea...never had cream cheese in my tea so wasn't sure what to expect.

The tea itself is not sweet, and is defiantly predominantly raspberry. the danish / cream cheese aspects aren't coming through and the honeybush is only adding a slight undercurrent of 'tea' and contrast to the berry flavor.

Post-Steep Additives: 1/2 tsp German rock sugar

The German rock sugar seems to bring of the cream cheese flavor. I definitely think this tea needs to be steeped with sweetener.

Not so sure I'd get it again, but I will enjoy this bag.

Resteep: 2 zarafina cups, 1 tsp german rock sugar, herbal-loose-string setting = weak, barely a raspberry scent, weak watery raspberry flavor. even the tea was a lighter translucent yellowish color

Rating: 2/3

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