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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Radiance Tea House and Books Loose Leaf Green Tea 'Long Jing (Dragon Well)'

Tea Information:
Tea: Long Jing (Dragon Well)
Type: Green Tea from China
Packaging: Loose Leaf
Company: Radiance Tea House and Books
Purchase: In Store, 158 West 55th Street, NY, NY
Description: Grown exclusively in West Lake area in Zhejiang province, Dragon Well tea is China’s most famous green tea. Handpicked as soon as it’s ripe, it is one of the most tender and freshest of all green teas. Vibrant green leaves, vegetal, aromatic, with a lingering sweetness make up this truly superior cup of tea.

Steep Information:
Prepared as part of the Steepster meetup and tea tasting

This was a 2009 dragon well tea
The older the dragon well the more yellow the liquor
2010 would appear mostly clear as it would be so fresh and new

The tea appeared cloudy with particulate
It smelled nutty
It has a light body
The flavor was sweet

The tea should always have a bud and one to two leaves

To me the leaves appeared as if rolled into little toothpicks

The steeped leaves should always appear very green

Sorry my notes are so short and cryptic but it was a whirlwind tasting of so much information and flavor!

I am intentionally not rating these teas as I didn't really have a chance to sit there and sip on them and think whether I would by them again, like to play with them more, although none were awful (1 leaf) or fabulous (4 leaves)

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