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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Design a Tea Company Review

Design A Tea -

I placed an order for two samples on 2/11 and they arrived today 2/18.

I paid with a pre-paid credit card.

The site was easy to use, however I was disappointed at the small list of options for flavors, and the fact you could only choose up to two flavors.

The samples were mailed in a normal envelope, which surprised me. I expected a padded envelope.

The two samples were taped to a piece of paper that provided instructions on how to use the teabag and a coupon for a future order.

Each one was a plastic sealed pouch, with a slip of paper designating which tea it was and listing the ingredients and steeping instructions.

When opening the little sealed plastic pouch you find one of the make your own paper disposable teabags, unsealed, containing your loose leaf tea sample. I was a little disappointed in this, I could have made a mess easily as it wasn't what I was expecting (sealed pouch). Then again this was a sample and may not be reflective of their whole order packaging.

The tea was a fine quality tea, however the flavors were more scent than taste.

I don't think I'll be ordering from this custom blend site again. I am glad for the inexpensive (1$) set of samples, but find the tea not special enough to beat out all the other teas I have found with much more strong, interesting, and varied flavors .

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