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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tbar prepared matcha

I visited Tbar on St. Patty's day (no way was I going to a bar) and ordered a bowl of matcha to drink while I read my 2600 and relaxed a little.

I blame Cofftea for my recent fascination with Matcha. I am not much of a green tea person but she loves it so dearly and describes it so deliciously in her Steepster tealogs I want to love it.

Tbar website

Paid 9.00$ for a bowl of matcha

Smell: Not much, slightly vegetal
Taste: Sweet, smooth, thick, vegetal, creamy
Color: Murky green with green sludge on bottom
After taste: Gritty, vegetal, sweet

It isn't the same kind of bitter grassy taste I fear in most greens, it is sweet and nice to drink. This also holds true for the matcha I had at Radiance tea house.

So although it is pleasant I don't love it, and think I may give up on it. It isn't bad, I just prefer other things, especially at the cost.

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