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Monday, April 19, 2010

Kati Review

On April 14 there was a request to have some reviews of a Tea Forte product.

I of course jumped at the chance.

No strings attached - off in the mail went my grass Kati cup!

"In short, we are trying to introduce loose tea novices to the world of
loose tea. We wanted to provide a simple and easy way to provide an
alternative option to our pyramid bags."

loose tea single steeps™
Loose tea by the cup...simple
An exciting sampler of organic, loose leaf tea. Each Loose Tea Single Steeps™ is perfectly measured to guarantee fool-proof brewing in a generous 12 ounce mug. The ideal companion to our new loose tea accessories: the Kati Loose Tea System and Luci Loose Tea Infuser.

kati loose tea system
Our double-wall ceramic tumbler and integrated stainless steel infuser make brewing loose tea by the cup simple. The innovative double-wall construction keeps tea hot and the tumbler cozy to hold. Brews a generous 12 oz cup and is dishwasher safe.

It arrived today!

Initial assessment, the Kati mug is pretty, functional, and not a lot of fuss (dishwasher safe is a must!).

Then I tried to brew tea, as a normal loose tea drinker. I evaluated it as an effective tea maker: It passes with flying colors. I can steep my tea with a tight fitting lid, or without. The strainer fits onto the lip or inner rim of the cup perfectly limiting the number of leaves / debris that makes it into the tea itself. The lid is handy and doubles as a drip catcher for the strainer when the steep is complete. The strainer handle sits outside the mug and is cool to the touch even after a 7 minute steep. The ceramic holds the heat and temperature for the steep.

As a work tea mug / brewer this is a good solution - the leaves come out of the strainer fairly easily with a few thwacks (we have no kitchen sink at my work) and he drip catcher is great to save my desk from the mess.

I will evaluate this Kati system as an introductory to loose leaf system in another post.

The one downside I have found is that the mug does become too hot to comfortably hold. This is despite the double walled construction, so although the liquid is scalding, and the cup is not as hot as the liquid, it is still uncomfortable to hold.

The box was adorned with adorable little leaf stickers (like the tags on their pyramid bags)!

The box was well packaged with green paper.

The Kati Box

The grass Kati


Unknown said...

Great review!!!! I got mine today too! I put one review on steepster...will revise a bit for my personal tea blog. I am going to try other teas in it tomorrow and post more findings and will - down the road - review on as well! I also got the grass one and LOVE it!!!

AmazonV said...

Thanks, so far i found it works better at work with the crappy conditions (hot water spigot etc)! it's like it wants to be the perfect little in a pinch away from home brewer.