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Friday, April 16, 2010

Teavana Loose Leaf Herbal Tea 'Sweet Fruit Garden'

Tea Information:
Tea: Sweet Fruit Garden
Type: Herbal Tea
Packaging: Loose Leaf
Company: Teavana
Purchase: Teavana Website
Description: The extraordinary tasting sweet and lush blend of sour cherries, apples, candied papaya, raspberries, grapes, rosehips and hibiscus exude the taste of summer year round. Also makes a great iced tea.
Ingredients: Apples, candied papaya, sour cherries, grapes, raspberries, rosehips, and hibiscus.

Steep Information:
Amount: 2 tsp per ~ 12 oz mug
Additives: honey
Water: filtered, boiling
Tool: make your own paper teabag
Steep Time: a little over 7 minutes
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Dry Leaf Smell: fruity, sweet
Steeped Tea Smell: fruity
Flavor: berry, sweet
Body: Full
Aftertaste: fruity, a little tart
Liquor: deep dark red

I raided my mom's tea stash and made some of this tea. My sister had picked it out one time when we were at Teavana and apparently didn't finish it yet.

It's good, but I think the strawberry kiwi is better.

Rating: 3/4 leaves

Leaf system:
1=Bleh! not again if it were free
2=Acceptable, if it were free or there were limited other tea options
3=I might purchase this tea from time to time, or select it while out
4=A staple in our cupboard from now on, I will purchase and keep purchasing

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