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Monday, May 30, 2011

Healthy Tea Store Teabag Green Tea 'Japanese Cherry Blossom Peppermint Green tea'

Tea Information:
Tea: Japanese Cherry Blossom Peppermint Green tea
Type: Green Tea
Packaging: Teabag
Purchase: Here
Description: Cherry Blossom Peppermint Green tea is perfect combination of well-chosen sencha and natural peppermint. It is tasty and refreshing. It can easily satisfy your thirst as well as refresh your mind. The rich composition of natural nutrient factors entails the tea with healthy characters, which makes you keep up your spirits among the clean, free and happy mood.
Ingredients: Peppermint, Sencha

Steep Information:
Amount: 1 teabag
Water: 12 ounces hot spigot water
Steep Time: a little over 2 minutes
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Dry Leaf Smell: peppermint
Steeped Tea Smell: peppermint
Flavor: peppermint, vegetal
Body: medium
Aftertaste: peppermint
Liquor: translucent yellow-green

Mild peppermint, green background flavor. Refreshing hot tea but nothing special.

Rating: 2/4 leaves

Leaf system:
1=Bleh! not again if it were free
2=Acceptable, if it were free or there were limited other tea options
3=I might purchase this tea from time to time, or select it while out
4=A staple in our cupboard from now on, I will purchase and keep purchasing

I received this product for free in return for writing a review.
All my reviews are as unbiased as possible, whether I buy or receive free product. I accept no other compensation other than free product.

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