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Friday, January 13, 2012

@milesahunter "@amazonv how to find great quality gyokuro green tea in the us"

Short answer: Online

Here are some companies whose quality of green tea I trust, I am not a gyokuro aficionado so I can speak to that specifically. Alphabetical order:

Arbor Teas

Chicago Tea Garden



Teas Etc

Whose teas I trust, but can't speak to green, again alphabetical:

Golden Moon Tea


Harney & Sons


Upton Tea Imports

The Path of Tea


Alex Zorach said...

I actually have tried one green tea from Arbor Teas that I was not a huge fan of, the Nepal Kanchanjangha Green Tea. I was much more impressed with the other teas I tried from them. I liked their Kukicha better.

Upton Tea Imports has been hit or miss on green teas. I do think black teas, specifically, black teas from India, are their strength, but I have tried a number of outstanding Chinese green teas from them for very low prices. But I've also tried a handful of teas that struck me as mediocre, and even a few that I would not wish to drink at all.

In a bizarre, unexpected twist, Upton does sell a China-grown Gyokuro which was quite passable, really not bad, an an outright steal for its price. Whereas I thought their Chinese sencha and kukicha were pretty terrible. And I've tried a handful of green teas from Upton that were among my favorite green teas that I've ever sampled. Like I said, very hit-or-miss.

But my opinion may differ from that of others!

AmazonV said...

@Alex Zorach you are right on the money, preference differs by person, which is why trying a variety is always a great idea when possible :)