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Monday, June 17, 2013

World Tea Expo Day 3

World Tea Expo Day 3, Sunday

I started off my day with "How to use blogging in your business" fun class, my take away - use pintrest and intagram!

After that was a bit of time, during which many WTE attendees went to starbucks - sad state of affairs when you can't get tea at a tea expo (the break room was barren) and then back to the floor

I had read through the brochures the night before, and set off to re-visit and look at booths, as well as get to the booths I had not yet seen.

I also got to try tea made in the Tea Reve "Dream Series Tea Espresso Machine"

I got to see Adventure Tea - adorable thematic booth with Washington State teas! very exciting, and some Hawaiian teas, and cute guys (Hi TJ!) Best yet the guys and gals there were gamers, adventuring tea welding gamers!

I ended up purchasing one of the Washington and one of the Hawaiian teas. I also got to try some of the peppermint and greek mountain teas - they were good but I was happy enough with my other two.

There was a Steam Punk coffee and tea making machine

Further into the adventure I got to see a man wielding a saw attacking dark (not puerh) tea, and slicing it to disks to auction off at the tea source table.

An exhausting but lovely day, insanely sad for it to have ended. tea people are so nice.

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