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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Annual Lady Devotea Day

A few days late, time got away from me, but let us celebrate Lady Devotea, also known as Anne.

Thanks to my adventures in tea, and the tea blogging community I have gotten the opportunity to work with and meet in person many amazing people, among them the not not often seen Lady Devotea (Anne) and her husband the infamous Robert Godden.

Not only is she his partner, but his editor too (you have read his book The Infusiast haven't you?)

Anne is a kind and cheerful woman with a knack for understanding both people and trends.

She can and will do anything she set her mind to.

Last year she opened a tea cafe in the United Kingdom, sadly she had to close it to move back to Australia - but she did it in a amazingly short amount of time.

In the past she also successfully ran a service assisting many Onkaparinga council residents to manage anxiety/panic disorder and depression in order to enter or re-enter the workforce. You can read more about the attempts to pick that project up again here:

So raise a cup to this amazing woman, Happy Birthday Anne!
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