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Monday, February 8, 2010

Tea Forte Company Teabag Herbal Tea 'apple pomegranate'

Tea Information:
Tea: apple pomegranate
Type: Herbal Tea
Packaging: Teabag / silken pyramid infuser
Company: Tea Forte Company
Purchase: ?
Description: a vibrant fruity blend of pomegranate and crisp apple.
Ingredients: ?

Steep Information:
Amount: 1 teabag
Additives: none
Water: 6 ounces filtered boiling
Steep Time: a little over 5 minutes
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Smell: apple, fruity, tangy
Flavor: citrus, tangy
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: apple, tangy
Liquor: red, almost pinkish

This was a gift to me, a part of a Winter Collection of festive winter teas (10 bags, 5 flavors).

others in the collection
>>Sweet Orange Spice
>>Crimson Nectar

Post-Steep Additives: none

over 10 minutes, no patience left for more
weak, but not water weak
light spiced? apple odor
slightly citrus tangy flavor
aftertaste of apples then tang

Rating: 2/3

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