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Sunday, June 9, 2013

World Tea Expo Day 1

A deviation from the normal

World Tea Expo 2013

I have been having a BLAST


I started my day off with grabbing my badge, and then followed it up with breakfast at the hotel cafe, not bad, which was made excellent by the company, Lord and Lady Devotea! (For those who may be unfamiliar you can find his blog here: )

Then it was time to rush off to the Seminar / Legal Requirements for Labeling Tea in the USA by Kristen Schneider
Very informative, I am glad that I attended

Next was a quick hop around the vendor area

Then was my Skill Building Workshop / Tea Blending with David DeCandia - It was sadly a bit 101 for me, but I had a fun time with some ingredients I had never used, and the instructor was fabulous, and I got to take home a pile of tea :)

After the blending I nicked back to the vendor area to catch the end of the garden party at the Teas Etc booth, it was great fun and I ran into a bunch of other fabulous people

Picture from @TeaMoment (her blog) "And who should I run into at the Teas Etc. Garden Party, but several fellow #teabloggers!"

Tea Blogger Round Table brought to you by A Gift of Tea - Who blogs at

There is a nice summary by Tea with Gary at

It was nice to get to talk blogging with lots of bloggers of all sorts

Next I caught the end of the ITCC tea tasting. Multiple fabulous teas!
Also there I met the tea fairy who introduced, a tea auction website. I can't wait to check it out.

After all that was dinner at a tapas place called firefly. It was delicious but blew my whole week's budget!

When I got back to the room I looked over the book and prepped for a day of wandering the vendors!

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