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Monday, June 10, 2013

World Tea Expo Day 2


Vendor wandering day!

After running about the vendor floor, and not getting to see everything, it was time to head to the four seasons for tea with some fabulous people. I took a Taxi and it broke down on the way! It was a mess, it broke down in the middle of the road and I had to walk a long while to the next hotel and then wait 15 minutes for another taxi. And I had to pay!

Luckily everyone waited for me, or maybe because it was on my credit card they had to (sorry!) either way it was a fabulous and filling affair.

Picture from @TeaMoment "@BingleysTeas and @teabytiffany at #FourSeasons"

@TeaMoment, @BingleysTeas, @teabytiffany, Tea and Hats, Scandalous Tea, Lord and Lady Devotea, @rachelkcarter and her husband, Tegan Woo, and another person whose blog handle escapes me :(

Due to the length of the tea I missed the US Tea Growers Meeting :( Does anyone have notes from it?

Note From World of Tea - "Where #tea is grown in the United States:"

@joysteaspoon "Me me me! RT @earlsteeper: Who wants to visit a US tea plantation? Oh, I do!! @joysteaspoon"

Following that I went home and poured over vendor handouts to see which I could eliminate, which I needed samples from, and which I needed more information from.

Then there was sleep.

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