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Monday, June 9, 2014

World Tea Expo 2014 - Teas From Thailand

Class by David DeCandia of the coffee bean and tea leaf

Teas flown in in 2 weeks ago from N. Thailand

family owned farm 1902


top 2 leaves and a bud
24 hours pluck to done
180F kill enzyme

now: teas from maui, tuscany

Leaf - infused, sweet, caramely

done by hand, twisted 8 times

color - translucent light yellow, slight green

tea smell: vegetal, sweet, light body

taste: light, vegetal, watery, sweet finish
hints of floral, silky mouthfeel after

Others: cinnamon, citrus
no astringency

Processing is key and can change flavor - oolong from darjeeling won WTE last year


large black 2" leaves - wide

leaf: malty, fresh

tea smell: toasted rye bread, potato, caramel, bakey

smooth, almost silky

color orange brown light translucent

(others peach)

astringent finish - slightly vegetal


unrolling - edges red inside green
red is brusing
if not opened you didn't use the right temperature

higher dry temp

shorter/longer dry time can make a difference

too high - too long - less complex flavoring, more of  a formosa type oolong

mentioned but did not explain cicada leaves

all leaves picked 6a-10a - early morning dew picked at all the farms

sweeter more forgiving bush

when hotter plant conserves water

less sweet as it cools

-consumers less receptive to variation
-education - compare to wine


simple astringent leaf smell

golden medium brown-orange
bakey-tosated nut tea smell
coffee flavor, astringent
malty (he cinnamon)
(tobacco) pair w/vanilla
(smokey) gritty mouthfeel

101 tea booth was his supplier

Come visit him - Cameria CA

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