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Monday, June 9, 2014

World Tea Expo 2014 - Mixology 101

class done by Abigail StClair

you want 2-3 flavors in a drink


sweet can lessen bitter, salty, acidic

can enhance / contrast

add: sugar, honey, agave, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla, some fruits, toasted almonds

Sour (acidic)

adds sharpness, makes people think fresh

used to balance sweet

add: salt, salted rim, pickled vegetables, tomato juice


hints - add depth

too much - BAD

add: bitters, tonic, orange peel (first flush darjeeling)



miso soup, MSG

add: deep steamed sencha


by weight / volume
body / intensity

balance flavors


1) direct infusion (liquor and leaves)
2) tea simple syrup
3) mix tea in
4) ice cubes

Direct Infusion

Sample #1 glenfidich 12yr w/lapsang souchong

3x as much tea as with water

30min - 12 hours

this sample, 2 hours

slightly smokey smell
taste the scotch
after taste sweet and smokey

use high quality spirits

other ideas: Russian caravan

Tea Simple Syrup

sweet cocktail without dilution

50/50 water-sugar => tea/sugar

3-4x normal strength

if using honey
tea 60 / 40 honey
or even

sample whiskey sour with earl grey

rye in earl grey
  • 1.5 oz rye
  • .75 earl grey syrup
  • .75 fresh lemon
  • garnish with a lemon wedge


where dilution is OK or hot beverage

2-5 oz of tea (3x strength)

spiced rum & chai

Ice Cubes

sipping alcohols on the rocks
pop of color

tea 2-4x strength

burbon with Russian caravan ice cubes

vodka cocktail with hibiscus ice cubes

Sample 3 - Bees Knees
  • 2oz gin
  • .75 tea simple syrup*
  • <.05 oz orange juice garnish with orange slice
* while tea with lemon, orange blossom, and tangerine - 1/3 orange blossom honey

syrups keep 5-7 days refridgerated

use a really fine strainer to decant tea/liquor

earl grey gin
earl grey lavender tequila and honey
russian carivan / lapsang souchong in bloody mary - bacon garnish
hibiscus and rum
hibiscus and champaign
citrus oolong and vodka
Russian caravan in white Russian
bold ginger in moscow mule
darjeeling and pernod
rooibos and dessert martini

demand co-branding

wholesale pricing

video of mixing

beer 8oz barrel over 3 months

simple 2-3 flavors in a tea
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