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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Amplifying Your Business Voice Through Tea Bloggers

Io got to see "Amplifying Your Business Voice Through Tea Bloggers"

Jen (moderator)


Great advice for companies on how best to utilize bloggers to get the word out about your teas


Research! Target working with a blogger who is known for who/what your target audience is. read their blog and like their voice

Sending a blogger something blindly (maybe they only do single origin) will not help you

Average time from getting a sample to blog post is 27 days. Longer with veterans

Give the blogger a reason why they would want to review your item. Do not mass email. From @scandaloustea

Dont contact a blogger to review then make them email you back. Watch out when using a PR agency they may mass target not using your $ well

Make sure to read the bloggers requirements/policy to set expectations and see if they even would review your item

Tea With Gary @TeaWithGary caught a quote - @lazy_literatus says; I know nothing about teapots, so don't send me one to review. If you have a tea picked by bears, I'm your guy!

Include a bio about your company as well as data (as much as possible) about the item you want reviewed & why you think it is unique

Less is more. Send the best sample to a blogger. Do not waste money. They have a lot to review and can not sample your full line

Package your samples well. That is your first impression. Show the care your tea deserves.

If we do not like your tea we might not blog about it Dont harass bloggers! Sending samples doesnt garantee reviews.

Tea With Gary @TeaWithGary caught a quote - @teaformeplease (Nicole Martin): "My blog's written a month and a half ahead. Don't expect a review tomorrow."

Tea With Gary @TeaWithGary caught a quote - If a blogger reviews your product, publicize that review on your social media

Most bloggers work full time, have family, this is a passion, respect that

Most bloggers do not get or want compensation for reviews but you should compensate for consulting, guest posts, regular posts

The 2015 Tea Blogger Directory is now available! 45 Tea Bloggers and best practices for working with them

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