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Monday, May 11, 2015

World Tea Expo 2015 Day 2

I cant event remember, so busy, so crazy!
AOI Matcha - pretty delicious flavored
Mamaki hawaiian tisane (i have some in my shop)
Zhang Jia Jie Moyeam Co., Ltd (neat looking!)
bitaco columbian tea - the cacao kisses was great!
The Finest Brew - great stuff!

visiting the Sharp tea-cere machine again, can't get enough!
I am running a pre order here: since it's not for sale and i want to pounce when it is

Zen Tea Traders

Cute teaware at ?

Brew Labs Tea - Owl's brew and Tea Soda
sarsaparilla and lemon basil were awesome!

CrafTea brewing device looked very awesome, and not a bad price point
dishwasher safe, walks you through step by step, can make with milk without scorching due to induction heating around the entire bottom, great flavor extration because it swirls / vortex the tea

Indonesia's Remarkable Tea - it was good, the second steep was best. unique to me i had never had unmixed indonesian tea before.

Arum Tea

Nuwati Herbals - wow their one blend for colds cleared my allergy nose in one go!

After the tea blogger roundtable we found out about the TOTUS1 awards a tea grower competition - first in the states - check it out! Contact your congress people to help push grower pride and kick start funding and support for the US tea growers

Scottish white smoked tea (beechwood) celebratory drinks after blogger panel. Field of the king (field) sampling after the tea blogger roundtable thanks to Geoffrey

The Algonquin tea co. (wild canadian tisanes)

Last but in no way least
Chariteas - grey dragon was AMAZING the rest were also yum

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